Headhunter - Selection and recruitment process.

We take care of carrying out the selection process of the ideal personnel for your company in different work areas, taking into account that the hiring is finally carried out by the client and not by us.

Some companies that have specialized professionals recruited by us.

We define what is you need and proceed with the selection process.

Together with the client, we define what is needed, whether short-term personnel or highly qualified personnel with specific experience, etc. Then we start with the selection, incorporation and follow-up process.


We choose the best candidate according to your needs.

We review the client’s requirement and according to it, we check if there is available personnel in our Staff that meets the requirements, while recruiting.

After having found the best personnel, a validation is carried out with the client and the candidate is chosen. Finally, it is supported in the process of incorporation with the organization.


We carry out data verification in our recruitment process.

In our recruitment process we receive the resumes and according to the client’s requirement they are selected, we continue with the analysis and verification of data. We then profile the prospect based on interview results, reasoning, personality, and technique (according to the profile). Finally, we give a comprehensive assessment to each prospect in order to deliver the best candidate to our clients.

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